Western Red Cedar

Other Common Names/Trade Names: Giant Arborvitae
Scientific Name: Thuja plicata
Best Characteristics for Identification: Strong fragrant odor.
Shingles, shakes, siding, decking, boats, musical instruments. Frequently used where rot resistance is important.
General Natural Range: Found in British Columbia south into Washington and Oregon as far inland as the Cascade Range. However it is also found in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, Alberta, Idaho, and Montana.
Identical or Nearly Identical Species: None
Other Species Easily Confused With: Northern white cedar, incense cedar
 Means of Distinguishing Similar Species:  Western red cedar is darker in color and its odor is somewhat stronger than northern white cedar. Incense cedar has an acrid smell and taste whereas western red cedar has a sweet, pleasant smell.
westernredcedar_tan westernredcedar_cs