American Chestnut

Other Common/Trade Names: None
Scientific Name: Castanea dentata
Best Characteristics for Identification:Ring porous with uniserrate rays. Worm holes in many boards.
Uses: No longer a commercial tree species due to chestnut blight. May be found in antique furniture, old barns, and other products manufactured before the blight affected trees in the early 20th century.
General Natural Range: Due to chestnut blight, it is found very infrequently within its once large, native range in the eastern United States.
Identical or Nearly Identical Species: None
Other Species Easily Confused With: Giant chinkapin
Means of Distinguishing Similar Species : Chestnut has 2-4 rows of large earlywood pores whereas chinkapin has only one row.
chestnut_tan chestnut_cs