Quaking Aspen

Other Common/Trade Names: Trembling aspen, Poplar, Popple,
Scientific Name: Populus tremuloides
Best Characteristics for Identification: Aspen has no standout characteristics, which in itself, is useful for identification.
Uses: Oriented strand board, pulp, low value wood products such as crates, boxes, etc.
General Natural Range: Transcontinental extending from Alaska to Newfoundland. Extends southward along the Rocky Mountains to Arizona. In the east, it extends south into Pennsylvania and West Virginia.
Identical or Nearly Identical Species: Bigtooth aspen, Balsam poplar
Other Species Easily Confused With: Basswood
Means of Distinguishing Similar Species : Basswood has marginal parenchyma and noded rays, aspen does not.
aspen_tan Aspen_cs