Red oak

Other Common Names/Trade Names: None
Scientific Name: Quercus rubra
Best Characteristics for Identification: Ring porous, lacks tyloses, very wide rays. Latewood pores in flame tracts. Light reddish color. Banded parenchyma.
Uses: Veneer, lumber, furniture, cabinets, flooring, boats, pulp.
General Natural Range: Most of eastern U.S. east of Minnesota and  Oklahoma. North to Maine, southern Ontario and Quebec, and the Canadian Maritimes.
Identical or Nearly Identical Species: Black oak
Other Species Easily Confused With: White oak
Means of Distinguishing Similar Species : Red oak lacks tyloses whereas white oak has abundant tyloses.  Red oak wood is tinged with red, whereas white oak is not. Red oak rays are less than 1/2″ in length on the tangential face whereas white oak rays are longer.
redoak_tan redoak_cs