Red Pine

Other Common Names/Trade Names: Hard Pine
Scientific Name: Pinus resinosa
Best Characteristics for Identification: Abrupt transition from earlywood to latewood, latewood distinct, obvious resin pockets on tangential and radial faces, strong resinous odor.
Uses: Construction lumber, poles, pulp
General Natural Range: Lake States and Southern Ontario, east to Canadian Maritimes and New England.
Identical or Nearly Identical Species: Jack pine.
Other Species Easily Confused With: White pines, Southern yellow pines, western yellow pines.
Means of Distinguishing Similar Species: Latewood is much more distinct and the transition from earlywood is much more distinct in red pine than white pine. Southern yellow pines have very wide, dense latewood compared to red pine and typically have very wide growth rings. Western yellow pines frequently are dimpled on the tangential face.
redpine_tan redpine_cs