Other Common Names/Trade Names: None
Scientific Name: Sassafras albidum
Best Characteristics for Identification:
Aliform, vasicentric, and confluent parenchyma arrangement. Two to five rows of earlywood pores. Brown color. Tyloses that sometimes appear to sparkle.
Uses: Lumber, furniture.
General Natural Range: Eastern Oklahoma east to the Atlantic coast. North to the lower Michigan peninsula and southern New England.
Identical or Nearly Identical Species: None
Other Species Easily Confused With:  White ash, black ash
 Means of Distinguishing Similar Species : Darker in color than white ash and less dense. Confluent parenchyma significantly more abundant than in black ash. Somewhat softer than white ash.  Black and white ash does not have tyloses. Sassafrass does.
sassafras_tan sassafras_cs