Sitka Spruce

Other Common Names/Trade Names: None
Scientific Name: Pice sitchensis
Best Characteristics for Identification:
Sparse resin canals, pinkish heartwood color, bear scratches on tangential face.
Uses: Lumber, plywood, musical instruments, boats, pulp
General Natural Range: Extends from southeastern Alaska to northern California in a thin band along the immediate coast.
Identical or Nearly Identical Species: None
Other Species Easily Confused With: All true firs, hemlocks, eastern spruces, Engelmann spruce
Means of Distinguishing Similar Species: Sitka spruce has resin canals, the true firs and the hemlocks do not. Sitka spruce sometimes has a pinkish tinge to it  and medium texture whereas the eastern spruces and Engelmann spruces do not have a pink tinge to them and they have a fine texture.
sitka_tan sitka_cs