Southern Yellow Pines

Other Common Names/Trade Names: Loblolly pine, shortleaf pine, slash pine, longleaf pine, etc. Hard pine
Scientific Name: Pinus taeda, Pinus echinata, Pinus elliottii, Pinus pallustris 
 Best Characteristics for Identification: Very dense obvious latewood with an abrupt transition, typically wide growth rings, resin pockets on the tangential and radial faces,  resinous odor.
Uses: Plywood, construction lumber, pulp
General Natural Range: Varies by specific species but all are found throughout the south-eastern states and into the middle Atlantic States. Pitch pine extends as far north as Maine. Some are found as far west as Texas.
Identical or Nearly Identical Species: Multiple other southern hard pine species.
Other Species Easily Confused With: Western yellow pines, red pine.
Means of Distinguishing Similar Species: Southern yellow pines typically have very wide growth rings and thick dense latewood compared to western yellow pines and red pine.