Western Hemlock

Other Common Names/Trade Names:  Lumber is often grouped with the true western firs and is sold as hem-fir.
Scientific Name: Tsuga heterophylla
Best Characteristics for Identification: Obvious growth rings. Lack of resin canals. No odor or taste. 
Construction lumber, Plywood.
General Natural Range: Primarily a coastal species ranging from Alaska south along the coast and Cascades through Northern California. Also found in inland British Columbia, Idaho, and Montana.
Identical or Nearly Identical Species: Eastern Hemlock
Other Species Easily Confused With: Douglas-fir, true firs
Means of Distinguishing Similar Species: Douglas -fir has resin canals and a distinct odor. Western Hemlock has neither. True firs are typically lighter in color than Western hemlock.
westernhemlock_tan westernhemlock_cs