White Ash

Other Common Names/Trade Names: None.
Scientific Name: Fraxinus americana
Best Characteristics for Identification: Abundant confluent and aliform parenchyma arrangement. Ring porous.
Uses: Furniture, cabinetry, veneer, pulp, products requiring great strength such as handles, bats, and hockey sticks.
General Natural Range: Eastern U.S. from eastern Texas and Oklahoma to Atlantic coast. North to New England and Canadian Maritimes.
Identical or Nearly Identical Species: None
Other Species Easily Confused With: Black ash, Sassafrass
Means of Distinguishing Similar Species : Confluent parenchyma much more abundant than in black ash. White ash is lighter in color and denser than black ash and sassafrass. White ash lacks tyloses. Sassafrass has tyloses.
whiteash_tan whiteash_cs